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When it comes to being successful in today's marketplace, you need communication tools that are more than technologically advanced. They need to be cost-effective and reliable. That's why Optimum Business has combined their leading products - Optimum Online® for business and Optimum Voice® for business - into one special offer that gives you the competitive advantage! Start saving now! Call us at 877.543.5225.

Optimum Authorized Dealer

Top Ten Reasons to Switch

1. Save as much as 60% over the phone company.

2. Rated #1 by the readers of PC Magazine for sound quality and connection reliability in VOIP category

3. Unlimited calls within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico

4. No need to change your business numbers

5. 14 valuable business features at no additional cost, including Rollover Hunting

6. Multiple voice lines available for your business

7. Professional installation

8. 24/7 customer service

9. My Optimum Voice, our web portal that allows flexible call management capabilities

10. A battery backup is provided free of charge in case of a local power outage.

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